Focus and Scope

The journal aims to contribute to the development and dissemination of knowledge in the field of Islamic economic law and provide a platform for researchers and scholars to exchange ideas and present their findings. This journal focuses on Islamic Economic Law and presents developments through the publication of research articles to provide scholarly references that are development-oriented. The scope of the J-SHEI: Jurnal Syariah, Hukum, dan Ekonomi Islam includes:

  1. Islamic Economic Law: This includes the study of legal principles and regulations governing economic activities in accordance with Islamic principles.
  2. Shariah Economic Management: This encompasses the application of Shariah principles in managing economic systems, institutions, and organizations.
  3. Islamic Entrepreneurship: This involves the exploration of entrepreneurship within the framework of Islamic principles, including ethical business practices, social responsibility, and economic development.
  4. Digitalization of Shariah Economy: This examines the impact of digital technologies and advancements on the field of Shariah-compliant economics, including Islamic finance, e-commerce, and digital platforms.
  5. Muamalah Law: This encompasses the study of laws and regulations related to various economic transactions and contracts in Islamic jurisprudence, such as trade, investment, banking, and contracts.